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The worldwide population recently has not been quite familiar with the word “Ovi”. Ovi by Nokia is an exclusive online store offering a numerous number of games, applications, audio/video files and other content for Nokia. The store reaches millions of people within all over the world. The word “Ovi” comes from the Finnish and means “door”. It was launched in May 2009. It is the easiest way to find newly updated applications which could be developed for Nokia phones. The given store greatly depends on the current location. It is a known fact that free and not free content for Nokia S40, S60 and Symbian3 is available in Ovi Store. You may easily download an application to your device. The Ovi is frequently compared to Apple App Store. Explore this truly great service by reading my article. It will sufficiently introduce you a row of services offered by this store. Without a doubt, it is absolutely safe and requires no additional resources be used as Ovi is made by Nokia.

Services offered

Ovi Files: With the help of the given service users of Nokia Smartphones had the opportunity to get a removed access to the files from their personal computer. However, unfortunately, since October 1st Nokia stopped supporting this type of service.

Ovi Music Store: The service gives all Nokia users an unlimited access to a music library. It contains an enormous number of tracks. Currently the store is available in many countries. Nokia is one of the world’s biggest manufactures. In 2008 it launched its program “Comes with Music”. The given program lets people access to the biggest worldwide library. It is available for 12 months for absolutely free. The only disadvantage of this program is that the downloaded songs cannot be transferred to other devices. Nowadays, Nokia is considered to be a successful company in a music business. Actually, it remains to be unique and unrepeated! This service will open the door to the internet providing an access to its content and contact through the interface from a personal computer as well as from any compatible with Nokia devices.

Nokia Maps: It is a navigation service offering maps, guides and other stuff compatible for mobile devices. Nokia regularly updates the internet –services and intends to add new ones.

Nokia Ovi Suite: It is a free software for a personal computer which is based on an operating system. It synchronizes calendar, messages, videos, pictures between Nokia phone and a personal computer. Moreover, Nokia Ovi Suite lets users download maps and backups content on the devices to personal computers. It can be replaced with a Nokia PC suite. With this unique software you will be able to access to new programming. Nokia Ovi Suite is a great tool in managing every point that you require from your device to the personal computer. Upload this application right away connecting yourself with an absolutely new world.

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